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Press Relations Gone Bad(The Herman Cain Story)

On Sunday, POLITICO released a bomb “Herman Cain Accused by Two Women of Inappropriate Behavior”, the Cain campaign released a statement saying “Fearing the message of Herman Cain who is shaking up the political landscape in Washington, Inside the Beltway media have begun to launch unsubstantiated personal attacks on Cain.” But the campaign took over 12 hours to actually say that the claim in the article was false. However, within 3 hours, two different media outlets(NY Times and NBC News) confirmed that the claims did in fact take place. Therefore, the Cain claim, that “Unsubstantiated personal attacks” were being waged by the media, was proven false.

On Monday, at 11:20 am, Herman Cain finally said, in an interview with FOX News, he admitted that he WAS accused of the claim(once again showing that the POLITICO story was substantiated). He then said that he did not know anything about a settlement that they might have received. However, he then went on PBS and “On The Record with Greta” in which he admitted that he did indeed know that a settlement had taken place.

To make a bad day worse, on Sunday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel released an article claiming that Cain’s Chief of Staff(the smoking Mark Block) and his Deputy Chief of Staff broke FEC regulations when they used money from a ‘Non-Profit’ organization to kick start his campaign. When he was asked a question about the article, he said that he nor anyone on his staff new about it until just then.

I am not saying that either of these accusations are true. I do not know that they are, just like I do not know that they aren’t. I do, however, know that whatever happened in the last 48 hours, has not been a good communications job. You can not blame the media when a negative story comes out. And you can not cry foul or cry ‘Witch Hunt’ when there is a basis of fact.

So I have to wonder, how does a nationwide campaign, that had 10 days to prepare a response to the POLITICO article, not have a communications strategy when it hit? And on top of that, how does his staff not see the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article. I saw it Monday morning just by doing a news search on his name. Is a single person using ‘Google’ better than a Presidential Campaigns entire communications team? Or is it like I have been saying, Cain is running a book tour, not a Presidential Campaign.

Here some the articles showing the different stories that the Cain team tried yesterday.