The Tea Party’s Search For Perfection

As the race for the GOP nomination heats up, one has to ask themselves just how strong the influence of the Tea Party is on the GOP. The strength has already been seen as candidate after candidate has gone to the front of the polls, only to see themselves fall off.  First, there was Michele Bachmann, then Rick Perry, and now there is Herman Cain. All three of these candidates have seen a rocket-like rise in the polls, but now both Bachmann and Perry are in the single digits. The reason is simple: the Tea Party is searching for the perfect candidate. But the truth is this: THERE ARE NO PERFECT CANDIDATES! Already, the search for a perfect candidate has caused the most qualified candidate to get overlooked and eventually to drop out(Tim Pawlenty). And now, that search is causing candidates that have no chance to assume that they do.

In fact most of the candidates aren’t even running presidential campaigns, so let’s go through them:

  • Herman Cain: This pizza man will NOT be the next President, he can’t even open his mouth without shoving his foot in his mouth. He doesn’t have a ground game, he doesn’t have a nomination strategy. What he does have is books. Herman Cain is on a glorified book tour. Why else would you release an autobiography in October while you are campaigning?
  • Newt Gingrich: The former speaker is on an apology tour. The man is utterly brilliant. He is one of the top 2 debaters in the GOP, and the last 2 months of full-time debating has truly helped him. However, he will never recover from his failures at the start of the campaign(Bashing Paul Ryan, Tiffany’s, and losing his entire campaign staff)
  • Michele Bachmann: This foster mom is running to be President of Iowa. The fact that her entire New Hampshire staff quit and her ‘national’ staff didn’t even know about it says enough
  • Rick Santorum: This former Senator is running to be President of Values Voters. This is not a bad thing, and I sincerely like these people, but it is not the way to win more than 18% of the vote(assuming they all vote for him). Oh and how do you lose by 16 points in 2006 and expect to be President in 2012.
  • Jon Huntsman: Jon WHO?!?! He can’t fund raise, and he can’t run a campaign.
  • Ron Paul: This look-a-like of Jeff Dunham’s puppet ‘Walter’, is about as far off his rocker as one could expect from a grumpy old man that nobody likes. He is running something, but he should probably just run to retirement.

This is not what the Tea Party wants to hear, they want to be the king maker. They want someone that they want to win. Unfortunately, that is just not gonna happen. We are down to two choices, and here are your choices:

  • Rick Perry started off hot, but can’t debate and couldn’t campaign. That all is changing(well not the debate part) with the hiring of some phenomenal people onto his staff. On top of that, Rick Perry can fund raise, he has the opportunity to go the long haul. The question is can he come back.
  • Mitt Romney is the front runner, he doesn’t make mistakes often while speaking, and he knows how to fund raise. Not only can he go the distance, but polls show that he should win the nomination.

These two men are the only candidates that have a chance to beat Barack Obama. They are the only ones who can raise the funds, hire the staff, and run a team of winners. Without one of these two candidates we will have 2010 Delaware all over again. You remember that: Republican Congressman Mike Castle was a near shoo-in for the win, but the Tea Party wanted perfection. What we got instead was Christine ‘I am not a witch’ O’Donnell losing in the general and a Democrat taking the congressional seat as well. Is that what we want for the nation? An Obama 2nd term, a Democratic Senate, and a Democratic House? Nominate one of the top 6 candidates, and thats what we’ll get.

So make your choice: Perry or Romney? And then lets watch them duke it out for the long haul. For me, my money is on Romney.


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2 thoughts on “The Tea Party’s Search For Perfection

  1. […] Blake Gober on the GOP field. His money is on Romney. Mine is on Perry. Either are acceptable to me. However, I’d like to see the rest stick around until after Iowa and New Hampshire and Florida before anyone drops out. […]

  2. David Boone October 25, 2011 at 9:19 pm Reply

    Sophomoric at best. Herman Cain has been a Tea Party favorite for better than a year. He made his bones by appearing at some of the earliest Tea Party rallies. Look for him to embellish this relationship as he continues on his ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE.

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