How Would This Look?!

This morning a news article was written in The Weekly Standard talking about the potential for a Paul Ryan Presidential run. This has set off a storm of questions as to how a run by either him or Christie would shake up the Presidential landscape. So here is a quick review of how I think a potential run by them would make it look.


If Paul Ryan Enters:

WINNERS: The American People.

LOSERS: The Biggest loser is without a doubt Michele Bachmann. Michele talks about being a fiscal hawk, but Paul has shown that he is a fiscal hawk. A run by Paul Ryan would also make life much more tough for Ron Paul who could no longer hold on to the title of fiscal genius in the race.

NO CHANGE: A run by Ryan would most likely not affect Romney or Perry. But it would definitely throw a HUGE wrench into their game plan.


If Chris Christie Enters:

WINNERS: The American People.

LOSERS: The biggest losers in this scenario are front runners. Christie could make some of Romney’s supporters go his way. Christie is a smarter and tougher Perry. Christie doesn’t have the baggage that Perry does, and the Bush team doesn’t hate him. Christie would also take away a lot of the media attention away from Bachmann. The free media is Bachmann’s bread and butter.

NO CHANGE: If Ryan enters the race as well, a run by Christie would not really affect him.


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