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Is The Time Right?

Over the last couple days, the “Paul Ryan might be running” posts, tweets, and stories have been popping up all over the place. And while many of them are encouraging him to run, many are also saying that he is where he needs to be. So I just wanted to briefly post the Pro’s and Con’s of a potential Paul Ryan run.



  • America needs a fiscal genius in the white house. Paul Ryan is just that man, without being a foreign policy nightmare, unlike Ron Paul.
  • The DNC has already said that they will hang the Paul Ryan plan on any of the GOP candidates, so why not let the author of the bill be the person to face the criticism.
  • Paul Ryan is young, energetic, and telegenic. He is articulate, and he looks Presidential
  • High name recognition
  • A-List of Supporters including: Jeb Bush, Mitch Daniels, Scott Walker, Jim Jordan, and Bill Bennett
  • Paul Ryan thinks before he speaks, unlike Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann.
  • He is from a battleground state, in a battleground region
  • He would beat Obama
  • He can accomplish more good for our fiscal policy from the White House, than from Congress
  • He knows more about entitlement reform than anyone else
  • Not only has he talked the talk(like Bachmann) but he has walked the walk



When I think of one, I will let you know.


Although I do like the idea of having someone with executive experience in the Oval Office. Paul Ryan’s vast knowledge about the issues facing us today, make him, more than, qualified to be the President.

So, after saying all that. Let me say this “Run, Paul, Run”!!!!


How Would This Look?!

This morning a news article was written in The Weekly Standard talking about the potential for a Paul Ryan Presidential run. This has set off a storm of questions as to how a run by either him or Christie would shake up the Presidential landscape. So here is a quick review of how I think a potential run by them would make it look.


If Paul Ryan Enters:

WINNERS: The American People.

LOSERS: The Biggest loser is without a doubt Michele Bachmann. Michele talks about being a fiscal hawk, but Paul has shown that he is a fiscal hawk. A run by Paul Ryan would also make life much more tough for Ron Paul who could no longer hold on to the title of fiscal genius in the race.

NO CHANGE: A run by Ryan would most likely not affect Romney or Perry. But it would definitely throw a HUGE wrench into their game plan.


If Chris Christie Enters:

WINNERS: The American People.

LOSERS: The biggest losers in this scenario are front runners. Christie could make some of Romney’s supporters go his way. Christie is a smarter and tougher Perry. Christie doesn’t have the baggage that Perry does, and the Bush team doesn’t hate him. Christie would also take away a lot of the media attention away from Bachmann. The free media is Bachmann’s bread and butter.

NO CHANGE: If Ryan enters the race as well, a run by Christie would not really affect him.

With T-Paw Out, My Endorsement Goes Too…

The measure of a man is not how he reacts when he is at the pinnacle of his career, but how he reacts when he is down. Today, Gov Pawlenty announced that he was dropping out of the race for the Presidency of the United States. In so doing, Gov Pawlenty showed the same poise and grace that he showed throughout his entire campaign. Gov Pawlenty is one of the most sincere and honorable men I have ever had the privilege of meeting. And, while, we did not see the results that we had hoped for, I am a firm believer that Gov Pawlenty is the best choice for America.
Many of his supporters have already aligned themselves with other campaigns, and this has led many people to ask me who I am supporting now that T-Paw is out.
I am a firm believer in the conservative values that are discussed in this election. I believe in fiscal responsibility, the right of life, a strong defense, limited government, and health care done the right way(no mandates, not government takeovers). I believe in a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget, and the protection of marriage being between one man and one woman. However, I also believe in a candidate being electable. The thought that we could face another Obama term is unacceptable.
While I like most of the candidates that are still in the race, I do have some questions in reference to their electability.
Romney-Will the Tea Party vote if he is the nominee?
Perry-He has made some very intriguing statements that make me wonder his electability(secession and Texas Dream Act)
Bachmann-What has she ever accomplished?
Cain-Can he fundraise? Will he learn and develop a foreign policy?
Santorum-Is this recent surge in Iowa, too little too late?
All the rest of the candidates should follow T-Paw’s lead and exit the race immediately. And Cain and Santorum should also strongly consider their campaign’s viability.
So for this reason, and because I believe that more candidates are going to enter the race, I am withholding my endorsement, at this time. I do plan on endorsing yet I want to hear more from the candidates.